Monday, September 16, 2013

Fill Me Up: A Retro Blast From the Past

It's already the year 2013 and we are now living in a world where everyone is busy exchanging emojis with their friends on their iPhones, watching reruns of their favorite TV shows from Netflix at their laptops, rockin' out to Katy Perry's new song on their nanos, or hitting a non-existent ping-pong ball from their Wiis.

Everything is modern nowadays and technology is evidently booming in today's era. I was born in the 90's (or the Generation Y), and they said that it's the best generation. I mean, you could see it all over the internet, right? Reblog (90's term) this if you're from the 90's or If you haven't seen (this or that)...well, sucks to be you 'cuz you're not a 90's kid, and stuff like that. 
I like my generation, I could tell you that, I find my generation creative and sarcastic in terms of expressing one's self and exchanging remarks. 

But what about the generation before us? I have always been fascinated with my grandparents' and my parents' (who are 50's and 70's babies) stories, especially about the lives they've had back then. They used to own only one TV in the whole house--now, we have six. They travel to the town's library to borrow books for their majors--what we need in school is just a click away from our computers. Turntables are the iPods of today, and Brad Pitt is the new James Dean. 

And don't make me start on Grease. 

Don't you just want to hop in a time machine and go back 30, 40, 50, years back? I know I do.

If you want to experience and dive in to the old-school scene (better: if you happen to be traveling in Manila), then I have the place for you.

Somewhere in a nightlife strip situated in Makati, is a cute little diner called The Filling Station: Bar and Café. 

Photo Credit: The Story of Us
Now I'm not that of a fan of the discotheque (big word,) district here in this part of Makati, I just happened to celebrate an 18th birthday party here (yes, they hold parties as well!). It's actually a pretty small venue, it's smacked right in Makati's red light district, and parking is kind of a problem, but it's accessible to a hotel, so why don't you stay in for the night?
Let me give you a sneak peek of what The Filling Station: Bar and Café has to offer:    

An actual filling gas station!
Ceiling plastered with vinyl records

Life-sized statues like Elvis Presley 
Oh and you know, just James Dean
Speaking of Elvis Presley, what's a retro diner without the retro music? In here, they also blast tunes from the early hits of the 50's, 60's, and late 70's like songs by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Grease...and a whole lot more! It makes you unwind and just dance to the beat.

Vintage memorabilia
They serve great food as well!
...And more vintage memorabilia!
The bar area!

The waiters and waitresses, also clad in the 50's outfits, are friendly! Did you see those memorabilia pieces? Definitely an eye-catcher and great conversation starters!

Side note: Their vanilla milkshake is MUST TRY!

There's also a DJ area located at the Smoker's Hall
(But smoking is dangerous to your health!)
The walls are adorned with framed pictures
of famous icons!
I can't show everything, can't I? You have to be there in order for you to have that big dose of the awesome retro diner feel. There's much to see in this place! It's vibrant, entertaining, and definitely hip.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you're going on a date with your partner, hanging out with your friends, or spending some quality time with your family, this place is welcome to all! So go, pull off that "greaser" look or wear that poodle skirt and hop on this rad and groovy diner because it is, in what the 50's might say it, the bomb.

For more details of The Filling Station: Bar and Café, hover your cursor here.

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