Friday, September 13, 2013


Jambo! (That's what Cady Heron from Mean Girls said during her first day of school, so I tried it here as well. No reactions? Oh well.)

My name is Angela, but my alias is smallscheme when I blogWhy smallscheme you asked? Well, I was thinking of a catchy name for my blog but my creative juices were all squeezed out on my brain, so I went to a Random Name Generator on the internet. I was browsing and voilĂ , the site generated the words 'Small Scheme' and it automatically got stuck in my head. But I did happen to find a meaning behind my blog name. I mean, I usually plan and do things in secret (like this blog,) and, well...I'm small (I'm 5'1"). 

There you go. No cool backstory whatsoever. Like me. I'm not cool. 

So why did I join the blogging scene? (Act like you're interested to know.) 

I've always wanted to write. Ever since I was a little girl, one of my past times would include drawing stick figures of people and writing a conversation bubble above their heads. I would write for hours, and hours, not noticing that I've already used up the last page of my notebook. 

I've been close to writing while growing up. Along with music, it's kind of like my form of escape. All my thoughts, observations, ideas, that I can't verbalize, I write them down. Then after a while, I would just flip the pages and read them and I'd suddenly feel happy. Writing is happiness. There. 

I actually started a blog last year, and back then it was entitled angelathewarrior. It only lasted for about three months, only having to make two entries. I guess I didn't have the motivation back then, and there was no inspiration that came up to me that I could write and type about. 

I don't want to be too late when it comes to blogging anymore. I'm going to be twenty next year! I have been planning on creating a blog long ago, and I kind of let myself slacked off and left my previous blog empty. This is my second time, and I really want to become active from now on. This blog is going to be like my baby, my open diary.

What to expect from this blog?

Hmm...a lot of things ranging from what will suddenly pop inside my head, day-to-day observations, rants, my travel adventures, a weird encounter, to the music that I listen to, the food that I just ate, or the movie I just bawled my eyes out. It could be anything under the sun!

Share your adventures with me!

Interact with me! Share your thoughts and opinions with me, I would love to interact with you netizens and fellow bloggers! 

Welp, how is my first entry? How are you? Haha. I'll probably be updating next week, if time permits. (90% of my time is being taken away because of college. It sucks big time!)

'Til next time! If you have any questions, ask away!

Random thought:

I love the fact that my first entry was published on the Friday of 13th. I love the number 13! :) 

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