Thursday, October 31, 2013

Giants by Now, Now

Haven’t been blogging in a while! Hello, everyone. For this entry, I’d like to share with you guys a personal favorite song of mine.

Now, Now (formerly called Now, Now Every Children) is an indie rock band based in Minneapolis.
L to R: Jess Abbott, Cacie Dalager, and Bradley Hale
Giants by Now, Now is one of my favorite songs out of their EP (wish it was longer!) entitled ‘Neighbors’ (2010). As much as I love the song Giants—the beat, the music, the vocals, the vibe...I just don't get the lyrics. I tried to contemplate about the lyrics, and I cannot come up with a conclusion. Is it about religion? Love? Rebellion? I can't tell. 

All I know that this song is my jam. By the time you hear the first three seconds of the song, you'll find yourself automatically transported in your own little world. 

Giants by Now, Now


If I believed in God I would not have done the things you’ve done
Because you were only half willing to follow the son

You take our homes but your framework doesn’t hold
Against the feet of us giants
You’ve been alone and you’re singing to the sun
‘Cause you know you’re on your own and you’re going home

Like an animal burying its bones
But leaving fingerprints on the walls inside my home
But if we’re so different then why did we start this?

You take our homes but your framework doesn’t hold
Against the feet of us giants
You’ve been alone and you’re singing to the sun
Cause you know you’re on your own and you’re going home

You can hide it if you want to but everybody knows it’s true
Buried everything you knew but they won’t keep a thing from you

I hope you enjoyed the song! I advise you to listen to the rest of Neighbors EP and their other EPs and albums. Feel free to comment below your thoughts about the music and your own interpretation of the lyrics. :)

Oh, and a Happy Halloween! Enjoy the gained calories and the toothaches!

Friday, October 4, 2013

What Grinds My Gears: Ticket Scalpers

It's already game 2 in the UAAP finals between two university teams (my university got in!) here in Manila. My university lost the first round, and with all the hype, everyone wants to watch game 2 to know if there's going to be a round 3, or if the opposing university will take home the crown. I'm hoping for a round 3.

Now days before the game will start, there are tickets that will be distributed at the two competing universities. Of course, the tickets are of a first come first serve basis, and it's one ticket per person (well, in our university). 

Our university starts selling by 2pm at my college building, and I have a class at that time. My class is all the way at the 12th floor (I know, it's a tall institution21 stories high. Yes, it's a college building), and I don't have that bad-ass girl attitude to cut that class and ride down the elevator to fall in line and buy a ticket. I know that I'm not alone in this kind of situation, lots of students—some die-hard fans of the game, would want a ticket but can't because a. It's conflicting to their class schedule, b. they just can't simply afford it or c. They have been waiting in line, but the line was cut because the the tickets are now all sold out. (Insert a string of profanities here.)

There are some solutions if you really want to watch the game. You can either a. Ask a friend to fall in line for you, b. Just watch it on TV, or 

c. You can buy from a ticket scalper.

And this is where all my ranting will start.

What is ticket scalping?

To put it off simply, ticket scalping is a form of trading strategy wherein people would buy tickets (at any event,) and re-sell it again. 

There are people who buy tickets and sell it again for the actual market price. They become scalpers by accident, and these are people who are re-selling it because there's a situation that happened to them that was uncalled for (e.g. they're selling it because a situation popped up, and they can't attend the event anymore.) Sometimes they also sell it for a lower price. 

But then again, situations like basketball game finals, (where every genuine fan wants to attend,) the demand for the tickets increases. And because of that, there are people who would buy tickets, not necessarily for them, and would re-sell it at a staggering price

In my current situation, there are news circulating all over the internet regarding people who sell basketball tickets that are almost 500% higher than the actual price. I'll happily give these kinds of ticket scalpers a one-way ticket to hell.

Here is an example of extreme ticket scalping:

Note the Upper Box A tickets for example. In our university, Upper Box tickets are sold at ₱150 (approximately $3.) From ₱150 it escalated into ₱12000, almost $280. 

From $3 to $280. Un-flippin'-believable.

I'm really, really hoping this is just false. I cannot believe the seller's charging the ticket at a very unreasonable price. So freakin' senseless. This is just downright stupid. And I'm hoping that no one would fall for this. That'll just be more stupid. 

I feel sorry to anyone who really would want to go to an event so badly, and can't because the scalpers already possessed all the tickets. I attended my university's playoffs once, and I was situated in the Upper Box seats. I looked around me, and there were so many vacant seats, it's like we owned the place. I believed that some of the unoccupied seats were bought by scalpers, and no one bothered to buy it off from them probably because they set a price that's too high for just one game. Not only did we lost an audience, but we also lost the support and manpower that we needed for the team that time. (On a brighter note, we won that game.)

Don't feed the scalpers!

Don't encourage ticket scalpers, everyone! Scalpers are every where, shame on them. Don't let them populate! I really wish security measures will be more vigilant in this kind of issue, because there are some people who make scalping as a full-time business. Ticket scalping is an unlawful way of earning money, everyone. Screw them. 

But if desperate times call for desperate measures...well, it's up to you. It's your money anyway. There are buyers who are eager to attend an event and have no choice but to buy from scalpers. Just be careful of the decisions that you make. As much as possible though, let us not buy from ticket scalpers. Try to avoid them. Don't let them profit in this kind of way, it's a lesson for them. It's not you who will be suffering the loss, but them. Let that be a cold, hard, slap in their faces.