Monday, December 16, 2013

You're On Your Own (But You're Not Alone)

We always here the saying that "no man is an island" and I do agree with that. How can we survive without the existence of one another? In the first place, we would not exist if there is no union between two human beings. We were born weak, helpless, and fragile. Growing up, we still rely on other people. 

Let's say, right after graduation, you have this dream of moving out from your parents and start living a life on your own. I mean, who doesn't want to be independent, right? I bet lots of teens do. Being independent means you're a mature individual. You can handle things on your own, make decisions on your own, pay the bills on your own (so it's not always a bed of roses).

Ever had a bucket list when you were younger? Or a diary you keep on your bedside drawer, and in it are your dreams and aspirations you've written and would love to make it come true someday? I do. 

I am currently nineteen years old, and still, I have no idea where I'm heading. Sure, I'll be graduating in a few months, but where will I go? I have a degree, but where will it take me? I'm still not certain. I wanted to be prepared for the future, but I guess the future is not prepared for me. 

And this is what I'm scared of.

For once, I want my life to go according to my plan. For the past years, I have been under the shadows of so many people, people who are trying to get in my shoes and showing me who's the boss of my life. They're are the people who would manipulate your decisions and steer your actions in accordance to them. I try so hard to do things my way, but I guess I'm not trying hard enough. My life is one giant sock puppet.

What hurts the most is that these kind of people are the ones who are very close to your heart, people you know firsthand that they will be the ones who will support you along with whatever decisions you'll be making. Disappointingly, they're the ones who would turn their backs on you, and even suggest a route that you should be taking instead. 

One of the biggest regrets of my life is always saying yes to something I know I'm not comfortable with. As much as I love these people, they're taking away what I would want to achieve in life. They made me place my dreams in the pending tray, since it has been clouded with their judgement, and looking at me now, I feel like I have no sense of direction in my life so far. In life, as much as you are surrounded with the people you are very close with, they could also be the ones who you'd feel distant to. 

You know them, but do they know you? 

And this is what I'm trying to say: We have the capability to decide for ourselves, but there are people who also have the capability to decide for us. We are on our own, but we are not alone.

When things aren't going your way because someone says it's not the path for you, who are they to tell you? As long as your decisions are for yourself, and it will be for the betterment for you as an individual, then go for it. Trust your capabilities, and prove them wrong, because in the end, it's where your happiness that counts, not theirs. 

 (Happy holidays, everyone!)

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