Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tipsy Thoughts: The Time Travel Juice

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I cannot believe time flies so fast…it’s already 20 freakin’ 14! 2013 was a year full of up and downs, but here's to moving forward. By moving forward, here's to also trying out new things I haven't done before—like drinking way too much alcohol.

Okay, it's something that's really not a pleasant thing to do on a new year. A new year means trying to reinvent oneself and to pursue things that will make you a better person in the future. In fact, I'm not really a drinker, I distaste the smell or taste of alcohol, and I'm not encouraging anyone to make drinking as a habit (mind the consequences!) But knowing me, who only prefers drinking milkshakes or iced tea, who is usually (or always) the sober one in the group, I think I need to at least try to know what it feels like to consume liquor. 

I observed and read through various experiences of my friends and people online that being drunk makes you enjoy the night more, makes you strip off your inhibitions and have the ability to do things you normally don't have the courage to do. Well, as for my first time getting a hold of cheap alcohol, this is what happened:

I just came out of my last class for the day and went to meet up with my friend to pick her up as I thought we were already going home. As I met up with her, she was accompanied by her block mate, who I can consider as a good friend as well. I sat down with them and waited for another of her block mate to come out of class. They were inviting me to this new eatery just beside our school, and probably stay up late there too, since we didn't have class the following day anyway. As soon as my friend's other block mate already met up with us (who is also a good friend of mine,) we decided to hit it off to the new eatery.

Sadly the eatery was jam-packed. And I hated it since people were staring at us like it's illegal for us to even step inside. So we opted for another eatery right across it, which was called 'The Beach House' (at least this is a better-sounding name. The eatery we initially planned on eating at was at 'The Barn'). The Beach House ('Beach' for short,) was known to serve alcoholic drinks. Knowing this, I realized where my friends are going: They wanted to have a Happy Wednesday.

My friends ordered drinks and random viands and decided to roll along with them. My friend nudged me to have a sip, and I gave it a go. The first sip that passed my lips tasted not so bad, in fact it just tasted mango (we ordered mango-flavored alcohol,) and the alcohol just lingered inside my throat for a few seconds. We were having such a good time that I didn't realize that I already consumed almost six glasses of alcohol. 

I was never intoxicated (but not too much,) in my life. I really had to pee that time, but the rest room was situated at the second floor, so I had my friend accompany me upstairs because I cannot walk straight. I was already gripping the handrail of the stairs since it felt like my body was not connected with my brain anymore and I couldn't control it and everything was just so blurry. No one really caught their attention to me since I think that everyone inside The Beach was just as boozed up as I was.

After that I drank some more, ate some more, until my friends and I were laughing, screaming and missing each other's high-fives. Our table was a mess—well, everyone's table was a mess. We decided to call it a night since were really sleepy and we couldn't afford to be trashed some more because we still had to commute home. 

We left The Beach but we still had to go to the loo and chose to pee at one of our college's buildings. Good thing I was a little bit sane but I felt that I wasn't walking straight and I was laughing out loud and clapping my hands, like a retarded seal. The guard did not suspect a thing when we scanned our IDs and by the time we reached the school's restroom my one of my friends was saying that I was already kissing the wall and crawling on the floor. My head felt like a bobblehead—it was too big for me to control that I need a place for it to rest. 

My friend and I already said our goodbyes to the two of our friends and headed straight (more like wobbled) to the station. My friend and I were already talking loudly to the guards and then again, did not notice that we were shit-faced (my friend and I are known to already look like we're drunk even in our normal state,). My mind that time was already fairly-balanced, but I'm still fighting over my body and show who's the boss body. 

I parted ways with my friend and transferred to another station (really, why am I not in a dorm,) and at that time I still feel a little tipsy but I can manage. I caught a few stares from other people as I was really tipping over from my stance. Luckily I got hold of the pole by the time we got to enter the train and saved me for future embarrassment (like falling down).

I met up with my family at the mall (we were going to watch a movie,) and I immediately fessed to them that I've been drinking a while ago (I'm such a goody two shoes). Well it shows: My eyes were red and my cheeks were rosy. My mom reprimanded me a little bit and bought me coffee and my dad just laughed it off. They were expecting me to sleep during the movie but nah, 47 Ronin was so awesome I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen!

I've had one hell of a Wednesday. It was one of my best and worst nights. Having to get a load of alcohol in my system can really give you this sense of weightlessness, freedom, and confidence. It's like you're on your own little world, and no one can stop you from doing what you want (but in this case that you're intoxicated, someone has to stop you. You'll never know what stupid thing you might do!)

Share with me your first drunk experiences! Comment below, it's totally free. As for me, it was fun, especially because I was with great company. Good thing I wasn't that drunk, just a wee bit tipsy, or I might not remember anything and not get to blog this down! But let us warn ourselves: Drink moderately! I'd still choose milkshakes and iced tea over alcohol anytime. :-)

I cannot wait what's in store for me this coming year. Cheers for starting 2014 with a bang (and booze!) Here's to more adventures, experiences, and memories to come!



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