Friday, February 28, 2014


She is something.

She hides behind the curtains and sometimes she hogs the spotlight.
She is quick to understand, but you really cannot read her mind.
She is confusing.
She knows, she does not know.
She is clumsy, she is cunning.
She is generous at the same time selfish.
She is a killjoy, she is the life of the party.
She is the funny one, she is the serious one.
She is weird, she is quiet.
She is a chameleon.
She entertains him, she annoys him to no end.
She has no fixed personality.
She is a mystery with a touch of innocence.
He should stop thinking about her now,
although she will never really leave his mind.
So before he closes his eyes and sleep,
He looks at her cameo face behind the sheets.
Her snore is soft, and so is her smile.
She inhales, she exhales.
She is perfectly imperfect.
He loves her.

She is everything.

Photo Credit: We Heart It

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