Monday, March 31, 2014

I WON A 'The 1975' CONTEST!

Eeeeeeepppp!!! I did not get to contain my excitement when I learned that I won a 'The 1975' contest on the internet. Okay so it was a very, very tiring day at school, I had extra errands that I had to do, and my mom was texting me non-stop asking where I was since we were going to celebrate my grandma's birthday (Happy birthday, grandma!) While I was doing my errands, one of my close friends texted me saying that there is a 'The 1975' contest on Facebook. Basically all you have to do is to like and share their page, say why you love The 1975, and then they'll pick a winner by 7PM. 

The 1975 Contest Mechanics
I really wanted the prizes so badly. I was weighing down my options—type my entry in school (but then I’ll be late for my grandma’s birthday,) or type my entry at home (but then I’ll be late for the submission. We will leave by 6PM and that time was already 430PM. It will take me an hour to get home!) So I did the “what-I-think-is-the-most-convenient” way—type it on my phone.
I began typing my thoughts away as to why I love The 1975. Let me tell you—it was hard! I was typing my entry while walking, almost bumping into walls and people (oh, the things I do for love,) but I was a pro at evading them. I still continued to type it right when I boarded the train, and still typing as much as it was very crowded and there is no more room to type (I tried!) time was running out, it was already 545PM on my watch and by the time I went home, my family were already finished dressing up by then.

“We’ll leave in 10 minutes.”

“Okay, spare me those minutes!”

I locked myself inside my room and opened my laptop, logged in to Facebook, and joined the contest, while I was dressing up for the party! Talk about multi-tasking. I never typed so fast in my life before, my heart was racing, beads of sweat trickling down my face, I was a mess.

Fortunately I was able to finish my entry and sent it to their page. I was not really expecting that I would win, but hey, I’d also like to share my thoughts as to why The 1975 is a great band. So here’s my entry:

So I hoped for the best and rushed downstairs, they were already calling me since we were already leaving. I would be stoked if I knew I’d win, but chances are slim—there were 150 more entries, and my entry was swimming in the pool with them.

Fast forward an hour, I was busy eating at the party when I felt my phone vibrated. It was my friend who invited me to join the contest, and I was welcomed with 4 missed calls and 3 messages.


I won.

I won.


I won!!!

I did not believe my ears for a second. WOW. I almost jumped from my seat and started to do a cartwheel, but we were in a fancy restaurant and they might kick me out. This is the first time that I've won any kind of band contest. I was almost in tears, like I just became the valedictorian of our school (it's a sweet opportunity, okay?!) Plus, this gave me a boost of confidence that I can at least be a writer with substance! Wew!

Announcing the winner on the official page
The day after that, my friend accompanied me to get my prized goodies. Let me just say that we were both excited. The staff were so approachable! By the time I got my hands on the prize, I just want to pat myself in the shoulder and say, "Good job, Angela." Thank you, Jam 88.3!

'Til the next contest!
On the 29th of March, I get to see and hear them live. The fan girl inside me is calling. They were really good. I am so happy I got a chance to go to their concert. This would definitely not be the last time I'm watching them!

And just like what I said from my contest entry, they are really a band worth listening to.

See you soon, The 1975!

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