Sunday, March 23, 2014

The 1975's Cover of 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction

How can I even explain The 1975. They’re one of the bands that I just recently discovered and now I can’t seem to remember a day since then that I haven’t listen and jam to their songs. They’ve been playing for 10 years already and I can’t believe I’ve known them just now! Well, they kind of have made mainstream success recently so that probably explains it.

I love their unique touch in music—they’re like a modern 80’s band. They’re like a mix of Rock, R&B, Nu gaze, Electronic and Pop. They confuse me and I like it that way, their songs having sex in my ears.

Their rendition of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by the One Direction makes me want to petition them to record it. Seriously, it gave me chills. Matty’s voice was just soulful; it provided another kind of emotion to the upbeat song. Plus the accent—just wow. British accents are such turn-ons.

I suggest you listen to their others songs like Chocolate, Sex, Settle Down, She Way Out, and many more. Their songs are addicting and quite catchy!  

I’m meeting them on the 29th. I can’t contain my excitement. I can’t wait to see and hear them live!

If you want to learn more of them, head on to their official website here.

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