Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beyond My Control

The salty sea is trickling down
From my face, I can’t be seen,
You did it once, you did it again,
Why do you always intervene?

They say that sticks and stones will break your bones,
But words will never hurt you,
Well I’d rather go naked, be hit and thrown,
Than taste another poison.

My heart’s racing like a car on full speed,
Down the spiral road, I accelerated more.
I am losing my grip of the wheel, oh dear,
I crashed, I cannot take it anymore.

I am battling my fears every day,
But the riots got out of hand,
Just give yourself a bad distance
From me, this, please, I demand.

Of all the things that you can do to me,
My mind, my body, is taking its toll.
Now here I am, again, suffering in silence,
Will you wait until I am beyond my control?

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