Thursday, April 24, 2014

Speaking to the Dead: The Afterlife Investigations

I’m up for something spooky. Have any of you guys heard of The Scole Experiment? If not, then prepare to be creeped out in this one and a half hour of pure creepiness (and amazement). Watch the video (trust me, it’s not boring—it might even leave your jaw hanging) down below.

The Scole Experiment is a documentary that was initiated by a team of paranormal experts based in Scole, a tiny village located in the border of Norfolk and Suffolk, England (hence, the name). The video showcases a group of people who claims to have believed that there is life after death and that they have the ability to communicate with the spirits.

In the documentary, it has been said that there are numbers of people who have been witnesses of the phenomenon. Experts like scientists said that there is no scientific evidence of why such events are happening. A professional magician was interviewed and stated that there is no form of trickery that could conjure up the unexplained incidents. An expert who is a master in radio equipment explained that the old radio that was used to communicate with the spirits was not rigged with any special tools to elicit the mysterious sounds that happened to be the dead responding from the afterlife.

More from the footage, it also provided a lot puzzling occurrences like spirits being caught and manifested in film and in audio, objects that appear out of nowhere (called ‘apports’) in the middle of a séance (said to be sent by the spirits), and levitating tables and lights coming out of thin air has been captured during the production of the documentary. The Scole Experiment ran for five years and it was distinguished as one of the most accurate paranormal reports of all time in history. As one of the dead said through the radio from the documentary, “This is an historic moment.” And I agree.

Having to be able to watch the one-hour documentary showing recordings of several paranormal activities that happened made me question my beliefs about the world that we live in. I belong to a family that has a strong faith in God, yet my family is still superstitious in nature, so I think that as much as our faith is intact in us, my family still considers the supernatural as an existing phenomenon, and although that there are people who are not physically with us, they are still alive…in spirit. As an individual, I agree in this kind of sorcery, and I may be the type of girl who is not easily swayed by different occurrences happening in our world when it comes to this kind of subject matter, but this documentary might take the cake.

The documentary interviewed a number of people who have participated in the experiment, and they said that they have never experienced anything like it. The experience was a phenomenal one, and what shocked me was the part about the old man who resides in Italy that has a radio that can channel spirits and have the ability to have a two-way conversation with them. This was the most astonishing part of it all, and it left me speechless. The fact that the spirits from the “afterlife” responded to us living beings made me think that there is a probability there is a second life after we die—or that probably they are still not put to peace.

The world is such a peculiar place. We are always in a search for something new to discover, mysteries to unearth and to be soon answered, since I know that the world we live in is far more mysterious than we think. I tend to question myself, “Where do we come from?” “Do aliens exist?” “Where do I go after I die?” And these questions scare me, since I believe that we are not alone here on earth, and the answers might scare me even more. As much as I am a girl who does not automatically believe what I see, the Scole Experiment and their journey to the question of life after death presented me with information and records that made me incline to consider about the supernatural world.

I like questioning about the human life and its condition, and I think that being curious of our surroundings is a great thing since it paves our way in obtaining new knowledge that is relevant to our existence. It offers us a better understanding of who we are, what our purpose is, and what or who do we live for in this planet. It is also a way of shifting our values, reasoning, and conviction to certain areas, since it made us to be more open to the realms of our world that we have not seen before. This documentary made me convinced that there are entities that are lurking with us, and yes, it did shake my faith a little bit, though my drawback is that I have not seen anything like this in the flesh. I have to actually see and feel it to be able to believe it.

The search for answers is exciting and daunting at the same time, and I give my applause to the people who initiated the pursuit for the “truth” just like this Scole Experiment, where in a team investigated if there is life after death—to make known of the unknown. To all the non-believers of the paranormal, they might want to put their money where their mouth is, because the documentary does show evidence of spirits that dwells among us in this unusual world that we live in, and it is not everyday do we get to see tangible data as accurate as this. They showed that there are things in life that are far from the usual, that miracles do happen, and the world always provides us every day with the element of surprise. In life, we should learn to keep on seeking. Search and strive for answers, and not everything has to have an answer, but who knows, it might lead us to surprising revelations.  

How about you? What's your take on this? Is it real or just a hoax? Rest your thoughts on the comment box down below, I'd happily read and reply.

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