Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Lucky Ones

I have always wondered if the world treats us all equally. I get to meet people (personally and on the internet,) that I think has been blessed with a body to die for, a personality that everyone loves, a mind that has a superior intellect, and all the riches and accolades in the world. I cannot help but compare myself to these people, and I would end up being intimidated by them. They are surely something, while I…am nothing. It is as if that luck has always been at their side, and here I am, looking for it.

I am a pretty average person. I have a generic name, normal height, regular weight. I would also consider my brain as average. I all get lines of 8’s in high school. My life, at the moment, is far from exciting. I would envy people who have money and get to go to plane or road trips with their friends, people who do not need to worry what clothes to wear since they can basically wear anything and still look good, people who do not need to study their butt off because they already know the answers just by placing their textbooks under their pillow, people who are graced with good looks and does not need to feel insecure about themselves anymore. People like them.

With this amount of envy crawling inside my head, I ended up searching the web (Wow. Such reliability,) for answers if some people are really just lucky. I could not help it, I just find it frustrating that it seems everything is going their way and opportunities are just a few knocks away. Where do they get all these luck in life from? Is it from genetics? The environment they were raised at? God? I wanted to seek for answers, and one particular article caught my eye—and eventually gave me a cold, hard, slap in the face.

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Bob Miglani, an author, gave us 21 reasons why some people get so lucky in life, and none of my aforementioned answers were in them. These are his 21 reasons (if you want further explanations by Bob, click the link above):

Lucky people:

1. Work hard...quitely.
2. Surround themselves with positive people.
3. Put positive seeds into their mind every single day.
4. Fight the overthinking mind each day.
5. Have a clear purpose.
6. Accept imperfection.
7. They do not gossip or pay attention to the critics.
8. They feel more than they think.  
9. They focus on the goal, not the plan.
10. They take lots of action.
11. They are open to meeting anyone, anytime.
12. Remain in the day to day.
13. They get hurt by the setbacks and failures as much as anyone.
14. They believe in themselves.
15. They are always curious.
16. They know that getting to success is never a straight line.
17. Are grateful.
18. Admit that they are not smart.
19. They serve others.
20. Know that they are not born lucky.
21. They are hungry.

This list was like a rude awakening for me. I know that some people become lucky out of chances and accidents, but all in all, being lucky may also come from no one or nothing but ourselves. I complain most of the time, concentrate on the negative side of things, expect the worst, and underestimate my capabilities. These habits of mine should really be thrown off in the ocean. Practicing these unhealthy habits would not really amount to anything at all. For those who share the same sentiments, it is time for us to hold our heads up high and give ourselves a 180-degree turn of mindset.

The list above pointed out how initiative, faith, and humility can go a long way. The article showed me that people are lucky because they act on their problems instead of whining about it. Lucky people are open-minded and they believe in themselves, even if the rest of the world does not. They invest their time and effort in something that they want, and soon enough, they get it. They gained it, after all. Lucky people put their best foot forward, and as much as they have bragging rights, they remain modest and unpretentious. 

In fact, the lucky ones are just the normal human beings like me.What makes them apart from others is their state of mind. These people see things in a different light, like every other day is a ray of sunshine, despite the gloomy circumstances. They are self-aware. If no one believes in them, they self-motivate. And like what #20 mentioned, they know that they are not born lucky, so they work their asses off and just go do it.

Of course, there are some people who are born from millionaires, who have a naturally fit body, who are blessed with Einstein's brain, and sometimes who has all of the above, but I would just like to think to myself that those people are really lucky to have those bonuses in life. To the rest who think that they are just Plain Jane or Average Joe (like me,)...who does not want the challenge, right?  I think that is what life is about. Having all the luck in the world could be a bore. Would you rather have good fortune laid in front of you, or gain that good fortune through personal efforts? I bet the latter is more exciting. I can say from this point that I am lucky that I can see, hear, speak, feel, smell. It is the little things that count, and each one of us is lucky in their own way. I am already lucky for the fact that I am a healthy woman. That I am alive and kicking, and I have the years ahead of me that I can use in order for me to attain my goals in life. We just need to lead life in a new perspective, and the rest will eventually follow. 

Photo Credit: HQ Wall Base | More on Bob Miglani: Embrace the Chaos


  1. Hey! You seem interesting even if you don't think you are! I like how you end with -A, like 'Ali'

    1. Thank you so much, Neri! I appreciate your comment, it made my day!


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