Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Saved My Ten For This

The first time I've heard of John Green was way back in high school. I was browsing Y.A. novels and I happen to stumble upon one of his books entitled, "An Abundance of Katherines". I flipped through it and scanned some pages, put it back, and walked away. The reason why I put it back was not because of disinterest, but of intimidation. John Green's style of writing and choice of words was like a calculus formula or a physics equation—I just couldn't quite get it. Maybe my reading capacity was not mature enough to take in such kind of novel. 

Fast forward three years, John Green was now like a household name to the young adults. With all the John Green hype, I've seen An Abundance of KatherinesLooking for AlaskaPaper TownsThe Fault In Our Stars, almost everywhere I go. The latter one is one of his most popular novels, and my friends introduced me to it. I was flipping through the pages and there it goes again, the profound vocabulary—although this time I was ready to bury my nose in it. My friends say they were bawling their eyes out from reading it. I hopefully want to get the same effect because I'm a sucker for tear-jerker novels.

The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS) tells about a devastating yet epic love story of two cancer-stricken teenagers that brought tears to a thousand audiences from around the world, and I was one of them (good job, John Green!). This novel is what kept me up at night a week ago because to be honest, I just read the book a week before the movie (adaptation) premiered, so I was beating a deadline! The book drove me crazy. For me it wasn't an easy read, but I quite like the challenge. I had a dictionary beside me because I really wanted to comprehend Green's words. There were Shakespearean quotes, philosophical references, poetic was hard to digest. But mix those with the two protagonists' journey in their current situation—it was magical. A sad kind of magical, if there is such a thing. I was involuntarily mumbling "What the hell is happening" all throughout. After that, the tears eventually followed (cue the violins).

The movie adaptation was no different. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who brought the characters Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters to life, provided a great chemistry as onscreen lovers that I forgot that they play as onscreen siblings in Divergent (another great book). There were a number of parts that weren't featured in the movie, but you can't really cram all of the missing parts since the movie is already two hours long. The movie not only gave me the butterflies inside my stomach, but I also learned how cancer patients have to deal with so much pain, as well as their family, and with that I admire their positive outlook in life. The part at the gas station scene was the part when I started to sob. It was that scene where I just wanted jump into the screen, be part of the movie, and help Gus somehow. It was painful to watch, and I applaud Ansel Elgort's acting skills for that. Actually almost 70% of the movie was painful to watch. 

Further into the movie, the eulogy scene was one of the most heart-breaking scenes in the movie that I just listened to what they have to say with my eyes closed. It was also that scene where I heard people from inside the cinema developing the sniffles. I just wanted to hold my hands in mock surrender and say, "Okay I'm done with this movie I can't take it anymore''. The movie ended almost as to how the novel ended. It was a satisfying finish, like I officially ran out of tears at some point.

I've seen a lot of movies, A Walk To Remember being one of my favorites, and coincidentally, it has an almost similar plot with The Fault In Our Stars. Again, I'm a fan of tear-jerker novels and I guess I'm now a fan of people dying. I don't know if that comes off to you as something weird, but from the novels that I've read with stories like these, the authors made me think that death is a beautiful thing. It also made me realize in the movie that yes, the world is not a wish-granting factory, and life will not always serve you in a silver platter, and this will leave you completely empty and hopeless. But that's how life rolls, so you have to change your perspective in life and deal with it. 

The Fault In Our Stars is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. It's an atypical story about two star-crossed lovers who eventually found love despite their ill-fated situations, and we get to see what lies beneath their little infinity. The movie also serves as a reminder for us that we will eventually die somehow, so try to celebrate life and make the most out of everything while you still have the time, since as for Hazel and Augustus—their time was almost up. I've rated movies with an eight or a nine most of the time, and this movie is where I saved my ten for. I think it deserves it.

I highly recommend you read the book and watch the movie! Okay? Okay.

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    1. Hi Erika, thank you for nominating me! I'll definitely pay this forward. Thanks again, more power to your blog! :-)

  2. I loved the book! I read if 4 times but i havent seen the movie yet, i think i dont want to :( Because its sad :'(

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    1. Hey Sarah, you should watch the movie! It's sad but it's definitely worth it!


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