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Seoul-Searching in South Korea: Part 3 of 3 - MORE City Tour and Attractions

KBS Global
Alrighty then, this is the final part of my Seoul-searching adventure! Our tour guide gave us a surprise tour in the headquarters of KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), the biggest out of the four of South Korea's television networks. It is located in the yet again another unpronounceable name for me, in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu in Seoul. Normally in our networks such as ABS-CBN or GMA, it's not a piece of cake to get inside, but in KBS, I believe, is open for all. 
Welcome to KBS! That huge TV behind me? Yup, it's a touchscreen!
Host for a day!
I get to dub a cartoon show! 
Future news anchors!
A live show held in KBS! 
The headquarters we went in was like a ghost town. There were no other tourists except for us so we had the place all to ourselves (lucky us!) I was so thrilled about everything here in KBS because it screams 'media' and 'television'. We get to experience what it feels like to be a host, dubber, and a news reporter! There were blue screens, a dubbing studio, and also a news studio, complete with the equipment and everything! (We once tried to read what was in the teleprompter...unfortunately it was in Korean). We also get to see a live show (from above!) Sadly, there were no Korean actors/actresses in sight. It wasn't disappointing though, as it didn't matter to me that much.

Lotte World
Our last stop for our SK trip was a visit to Lotte World and the N Seoul Tower. Lotte World boasts both an indoor and outdoor theme park. Lotte World is a park where kids would surely enjoy, but as a kid at heart myself, I enjoyed staying here more than Everland! Probably because we were the first ones to visit the park and the lines were super short.

Much like Disneyland's castle!
The place, all for myself (for a little while)
Tempted to buy everything!
Lotte World indoor park

N Seoul Tower + Locks of Love
Before we headed to Incheon Airport, our tour guide drove us to N Seoul Tower, or known as Namsan Tower or simple Seoul Tower, and is marked as the highest point in Seoul. We rode the Namsan cable car to see the famous tower up close. I used to love watching Boys Over Flowers (a famous Koreanovela,) and our tour guide told me that the show used to shoot scenes here (in case you're curious, it was when Gu Jun Pyo waited for Geum Jan Di in the freezing winter + the time they spent the night at the place as well).
These were the Boys Over Flower Scenes shot from the N Seoul Tower + gondola lift!

The Seoul Tower has an awesome view overlooking Seoul, South Korea. The Seoul Tower also has lots to offer like an attraction in the tower's roof terrace called 'Locks of Love', which is quite similar to the 'Love Lock Bridge' in Paris. You will see thousands of love locks hanging in the fences, and we also get to leave our very own lock as a family!

That's the Seoul Tower and the gondola lift we have to ride to get there!
My lovely family
View of Seoul from Seoul Tower
I love you!
My family's own lock of love
Saranghae, Seoul!
As much as I hated it, our trip has to end. I really want to go back to South Korea, hopefully in the winter time, to have a different feel of the place. There are still more places to explore in Seoul ALONE, so I am hoping to see this lovely country soon. It's clean, fun, and memorable. I have grown to love Seoul despite the struggle in communicating and the almost unpronounceable names. Even though the weather was cold, the warmth of the people made my family and I welcome. 

Kamsahamnida, South Korea. Saranghae!
See you again, Seoul!

Tips and Reminders
1. I really suggest you learn their language. For a tourist, just learning the basics will do!
2. Try practicing to eat without a fork. In some restaurants and eateries, they only use a spoon and chopsticks! That's how they roll!
3. Bring extra clothes. The weather by the time we went in Seoul was unpredictable!
4. Let me remind you that the wi-fi is pretty strong here! Or from where we stayed, at least. It's one of the little things I miss in Seoul!
5. Bring cash! ATMs here sometimes do not accommodate foreign cards. 
- In the Philippines: 1 won = 0.043 php. So don't be surprise if an ice cream costs around 3,000 won!
6. Koreans love SPICY food! Oh, and they're not aliens when it comes to serving rice! YES!

I hope you enjoyed a chapter of my Seoul-searching entries! Can't wait to blog another place for me to share with you all lovely viewers.

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Shots taken from:  Canon EOS 550D | Shots fire by: Me! (credits to my mom and bro for taking pictures of me) | Boys Over Flowers collage taken from: Melissa Cheok 

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