Thursday, August 7, 2014


Pinterest of Angela D

Hey, everyone! So I have a Pinterest page! The first time I went to this site I could not stop pinning! The obsession quickly escalated. I currently have 15 different boards, those of which are ranging from clothes to food. Here’s a breakdown! Feel free to click on any link! (Click the collage and it will lead you to my Pinterest.) HAPPY PINNING!

1. Where I’d Like To Be in 3 Years (I’m assuming no one will really be interested here but oh well.)
7. Crushes Appreciation Board (You have no idea how many celebrity crushes I have. Oh, Hollywood. Wait for me.)
8. Skin Art (Tattoo art, basically.)
9. He Said, She Said (Quotes!)
10. Food Feast (Warning: Not for the faint of heart.)
15. Road to Fitness

Have your own Pinterest? Do we share the same interest? Comment down below!

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