Monday, November 24, 2014

Why I Love Birthdays

I just enjoy birthdays. Doesn't anyone? There's something about celebrating another year of someone’s life (or your own) in this world. The kind of birthday that I usually enjoy are those birthdays I celebrate with my close friends and family. I’m not really a fan of very big, fancy, birthday celebrations (I never actually had a debut,) but I prefer a close gathering kind of celebration.

What I love about birthdays, and getting an invite to celebrate it with them is like a way of saying that I get to celebrate another year with that person. This goes especially with my family as well as my friends who I have known since elementary/high school. My friends recently just celebrated their birthdays, and it was one of my happiest moments as a human being. I got an excuse to see them again (we're all busy. Yey, adult life), I got to use my creative thinking skills and plan a present for the birthday celebrant, I got to anticipate an event which will make your presence happy (unless you're not invited)

During birthdays do I realize that life is rare and precious. Our life is something worth celebrating. It’s a sign that another year has passed and you have survived it. Happy birthday to everyone who's celebrating their birthdays today! Enjoy it, you have earned another fresh, unpredictable year to live.

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