Friday, January 30, 2015

22 Thoughts From An Anxious Driver in Manila

Oh, Manila. You’re dangerously exciting. What I dislike about our country is our lack of discipline in the road, and this fact makes me really want to sing Carrie Underwood's hit song, 'JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.' As a novice driver who's still testing the rocky roads of Manila, I could say that driving is fun, but the thought of driving with reckless drivers, detecting a blind spot, avoiding a cat in the street, and a whole lot else ultimately sends me to panic mode. Here are 22 thoughts that rack my brains whenever I'm behind the wheel:
  1. (Before unlocking the car) "Teka hindi kaya 'to maga-alarm?"
  2. "Don't step on the gas too much. ANG PAA LAGING NASA BRAKE."
  3. "Wait lang natataranta na talaga ako. Guys walang magsasalita sa loob ng kotse.
  5. "May pusa may pusa may pusa"
  6. "Eto bigla na lang sisipot. E kung mag-signal ka kaya." (To every taxi driver ever)
  7. "Kakaliwa na ako, eto na. 'WAG MASYADONG MALAPIT SA GUTTER."
  8. "Pwede na ba akong mag-overtake? Sige na nga 'wag na lang. Damot."
  10. "So many reckless drivers I am going to cry."
  11. "Honking makes me so nervous please don't honk at me."
  14. "!@#$%!"
  15. "OMG bakit may motorcycle na sa tabi ko?"
  17. (Waiting at a stoplight) "Park or neutral? HINDI KO ALAM."
  18. (Tries to parallel park) "I can't do this anymore."
  19. "I will never text and drive. Ever. Promise."
  20. "Nasan na tayo? HALA."
  21. "AYOKO NA."
  22. (Finally leaves the car) "Oh no nakalimutan kong patayin 'yung aircon."

Photo/GIF Credits: Coolspotters | Tumblr

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Chaotic

I knew from the start that this is not going to be normal.
The fast pounding of the heart, the shaking of the hands.
The chattering of the, I am not freezing.
This is not about the weather.

The shivers down my spine is real,
Suspicious of who or what sent it.
I curled my toes,
Hiding for someone, something, uncertain.

I tipped my head upside down, letting it all flow from there.
Unfortunately it is not helping.
I could not breathe, the heart beats in a different rhythm.
My mind and body is against me.

There it goes again, the inner itch
Becoming more and more irritating
I have to let this out, I say
I have to scratch this out until I bleed.

I charged like a bull as the doors swung open,
The wild is wilder than ever before.
The fury has been unchained,
Spiraling out of control.

This is all about the madness.
This is all about the chaos.
There is no resolution,
The crescendo endures.

Photo Credit: Vommond

Monday, January 12, 2015

January Playlist 2015: Musicals

It’s Musical January this month! I’ve just watched the play of Beauty and the Beast live, and it was one of the best Disney plays I’ve ever watched. Woo. So what if the tale’s as old as time, right? I could never get enough of it! After watching it all I could feast my ears to are nothing but musical songs. So far these are some of my favorite songs. Do you have a favorite musical song in this playlist? Let me know!

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015: Let It Spark

Have you seen Manila’s NYE fireworks display? It was such a great sight. Fireworks blasted in almost every corner of the city, illuminating the 12AM sky with vibrant colors. I’ve been celebrating New Year’s Day here in Manila for the past twenty years (well, minus two since we held it one time in Singapore and California,) and Manila’s celebration of New Year’s Day is unlike any other. It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s dangerous, it’s…beautifully chaotic. It’s not even 12AM yet and I can already hear party horns being blown. By the time it struck 12AM, we came outside to join the party, and welcomed 2015 with a bang.

When we were outside, we have witnessed a glittering spectacle before our eyes. The sky was so colourful at night—different forms of fireworks burst out here and there, as light smoke filled our nostrils and powerful blasts rang our ears. My family and I also sparked our own fireworks and seeing it shoot up to the sky made me feel something…wow, a new year has just begun.

New Year doesn’t necessarily mean new beginnings. I mean, if 2014 was one of the best years of your life, why not continue it until 2015? But having a new year gives us a new opportunity, a new set of days for us to start working on something or changing something for the better. And that’s where New Year’s Resolutions come up. Time has given another chance to do something incredible in our life.

I have listed a few New Year’s Resolutions that I can hopefully stand for:

Sleep Before 12AM Or more gloriously, sleep at 10:30PM sharp. I have this bad habit of sleeping late; my earliest last year was 12AM, all thanks to my unhealthy addiction to the internet. Having little sleep is really bad for you—I would know, I sleep late and I tend to wake up cranky 90% of the time, so I think it’s best for me to change that. I also learned that sleeping has a number of health benefits so why not be healthy by sleeping it off?

Less is More: Declutter 101 Have you seen my room? You shouldn’t see it. It’ll blind you because of its mess, and it’s not even the attractive, Tumblr-ish, kind of mess. A little bit of clutter is nice, but mine is just downright terrible. I like keeping things for nostalgia’s sake, but I’d just end up being a massive hoarder. Not only is my room like an aftermath of a hurricane, it also doubles as a playground for unwanted critters. Ew, right? I’m a young adult, and one of the things that I should do is at least keep my own space neat, as it somehow reflects who you really are. Yep, my life is just as confusing as my room, but I’ll dive into that as well.

Simmer Down the Social Media If you want to meet someone who breathes the internet, that would be me. Holy crap, opening Facebook every 15 minutes and watching pointless YouTube videos are my thing, it’s like I haven’t seen the light of day for weeks now. It’s a horrible habit, and I want to trim down my social media obsession. As of now, I have deleted at least four social media apps that I don’t really need and I think that’s a good start. I will let blogging slide here though, because as much as it is link to social media, it's my real creative (and reflective) outlet.

Get Hooked on Books I used to be a voracious reader. I can finish reading a novel in one seating. Now, thanks (but no thanks,) to silly online articles, I have almost forgotten the world of literature. Now, I have to bring that thirst back. I have bought a lot books (aesthetically-wise, which is kind of stupid,) that are either left unread or untouched. I don’t have a huge amount of money to start travelling the whole world yet, but getting to experience almost the same thing through books will have to do for now.

Shy Kids Get No Sweets I am at war with my self-esteem, begging for it to stay on my team, although it just never goes that way. I always end up having a battle with it, even though we aren’t enemies in the first place. Being shy won't really get me anywhere, so with this, I just want to push myself this year to be more assertive and more positive in my outlook in life. I’m trying, but I’m just one anxious creature, and there’s nothing awesome about that. I want to take things one step at a time, gaining confidence and trust in my talents and abilities along the way. #BO$$

What I Can Give To Others A smile. A generous and open soul. A passion that I can share, hoping that it’ll make someone’s day. I have a theater friend who has her own theme every New Year (e.g. #Change2013, #Push2014) and that inspired me to do the same. I have decided mine to be #LetItSpark2015, in a sense that I want my actions to at least make a difference to myself or touch the lives of others, whether it’s big or small.  Even just a tiny flame, a flicker, a sparkle will do, as long as it's for the better.

2014 has been a surreal year for me. There were some highs and lows but I'm glad I've conquered it, and I guess now is the time for another year, another year to make memories, another year to make mistakes and learn from it, another year to meet new people, another year to discover something new. 

Another year to make it spark. #LetItSpark2015

Hello, readers. Do you have a theme for the year 2015? Share your thoughts. :)

"Everyone here is ready to go, it's been a hard year and I only know from down this low. It's only up we go, up we go."
— Up We Go, Lights

Photo Credit: The Graceful Bee