Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Chaotic

I knew from the start that this is not going to be normal.
The fast pounding of the heart, the shaking of the hands.
The chattering of the teeth...no, I am not freezing.
This is not about the weather.

The shivers down my spine is real,
Suspicious of who or what sent it.
I curled my toes,
Hiding for someone, something, uncertain.

I tipped my head upside down, letting it all flow from there.
Unfortunately it is not helping.
I could not breathe, the heart beats in a different rhythm.
My mind and body is against me.

There it goes again, the inner itch
Becoming more and more irritating
I have to let this out, I say
I have to scratch this out until I bleed.

I charged like a bull as the doors swung open,
The wild is wilder than ever before.
The fury has been unchained,
Spiraling out of control.

This is all about the madness.
This is all about the chaos.
There is no resolution,
The crescendo endures.

Photo Credit: Vommond

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