Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fringe Manila Presents: F(r)iction: A New Musical

From Edinburgh to Cape Town to Adelaide to New York, the WORLD'S LARGEST ARTS FESTIVAL has finally hit Manila! FRINGE is celebrated in over 200 cities worldwide, showcasing a variety of performing arts (theater, music, comedy, dance, play, etc.) by talents from different walks of life.

The Philippines now has its own Fringe Festival commonly known as Fringe Manila or Fringe MNL that was opened last February 12, 2015 and will run its 18-day festival until March 1, 2015. I haven't really heard of Fringe until someone shared it on Facebook and it suddenly piqued my interest. Theater, music, the arts, in general, hold a special place in my heart and I happily volunteered as one of Fringe Manila's photographer.

I couldn't attend all the festival days, although if my time permits, I would. The first play that I get to watch (and for free...perks of being a volunteer!) was a musical entitled F(r)iction: A New Musical. On Fringe Manila's website, it says that in this play:
“It’s the stories we believe that make us who we are”. Life is full of twists and turns, dead ends and blank spaces. “Friction: A New Musical” follows the journey of a brilliant upcoming writer who finds help from a stranger that challenges his whole concept of reality.
My college friend and I were assigned to document the play, and let me just say, that even though the play consisted of only three actors accompanied by just three background musicians, it was downright amazing. I wouldn't want to go into detail about the play, but let me just say that the plot twist was insane

If you're interested in the human's eccentric state of mind—and mix it in with heavy drama and great singing voices for more intensifying effects, then I suggest you watch this play. Further details regarding the dates and ticket prices are over here

Here are some of the pictures that my good friend Gene and I have captured. To be honest it was difficult for us to concentrate on documenting because we were so heavily engrossed in watching the play!

So, how will you Fringe this 2015? Go grab your tickets now! #FringeMNL

Shots fired from: Canon 550D

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hair to Share: For Kids with Cancer

One of my petty frustrations in life is my hair. It's very, very thick, like I have hair that's good for three people. I grew it out and my head gets really heavy and hot because of the amount of hair it's holding. I cut it very short for the first time ever when I was seven, and my short strands of hair couldn't manage to stay in place! Thick-haired girls like me have this huge problem in maintaining a tamed hair. One of the only possible solutions is for it to have my hair rebonded or relaxed, adding more harm to the already-damaged hair. I have this bizarre idea of shaving it all of and sport a bald head just so I wouldn't have to deal with so much hair. I'd just like to shave my thick hair off and throw it away in a trash bin, what purpose does it have, anyway? Not until one of my theater friends happened to cut 14 inches of her hair...but for a cause.

I learned that she donated her hair for cancer patients. When I heard that she cut 14 inches off of it, I was shocked. I remembered that when attended theater workshop together, she was one of my classmates with the longest hair. I admired her guts to let someone snip her long hair off just like that. So I also did the unthinkable—not going to lie, it was a spontaneous decisionI also signed up for the cause.

To me, hair is just like persistent love: even if you cut it out (literally) from you life, it will keep on coming back. Sorry for the crappy analogy but then's just hair. It will grow back. And knowing that I will make a cancer patient's head happy, or even spark his/her life by donating one of the most unconventional gifts for Valentine's Day, then that will put a smile to my face. Either way, he or she will look good with or without the wig. Since I have no date for Valentine's Day, why not give something for someone this month of love. Valentine's Day doesn't just mean flowers and chocolates, right? 

So here it is. Snip, snip, snip. All ten inches of it (minimum was ten inches):




Before and After:

To the cancer patient, I have donated 10 inches of my (very thick) hair that you may use as part of you clinical wig. Happy Valentine's day to you! Stay strong, you brave soul. Virtual hugs from me. >:)< #Hair2Share #BeBraveGetShave #LetItSpark

Brighten a cancer patient's day! Big thanks to Kythe-Ateneo for making this happen! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two Misfits.
One Extraordinary Love.
Ten Quotes:
Eleanor & Park

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

If you haven't read this yet, you have been warned! If you have read it already, then let's both fall in love with it all over again.

I have just finished reading Eleanor & Park and it wasn't difficult for me to fall in and out of love. This book will win and break hearts, people! Obviously it's not just limited to these, but I have compiled some of my favorite and unforgettable quotes here:

He was going to tell that she did a good job on her poem.
That would be a giant understatement, anyway. She was the only one in class who'd read her poem like it wasn't an assignment. She recited it like it was a living thing. Like something she was letting out.


There was something about the music in that tape. It felt different. Like, it set her lungs and her stomach on edge. There was something exciting about it, and something nervous. It made Eleanor feel like everything, like the world, wasn't what she'd thought it was. And that was a good thing. That was the greatest thing.

(p. 56 & 57)

Mondays were the best.
Today, when she got on the bus, Park actually smiled at her. Like, smiled at her the whole time she was walking down the aisle.
Eleanor couldn't bring herself to smile directly back at him, not in front of everybody. But she couldn't help but smile, so she smiled at the floor and looked up every few seconds to see whether he was still looking at her.
He was.

(p. 80)

He remembered feeling embarrassed for her.
And now...
Now, he felt the fight rising up in his throat whenever he thought of people making fun of her.
When he thought of someone writing that ugly thing on her made him feel like Bill Bixby just before he turned into the Hulk.

(p. 90 & 91)

"Hi," Eleanor said. He felt all the tension rushed out of him. Without it, he could hardly stand up.
"Hi," he breathed.
She giggled.
"What?" he said.
"I don't know," she said. "Hi."

(p. 102)

Eleanor was right: she never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.

(p. 165)

"What do you want to show me?"
"Nothing, really. I just want to be alone with you for a minute."
He pulled her back to the driveway, where they were almost completely hidden by a line of trees and the RV and the garage.
"Seriously?" she said. "That was so lame."
"I know," he said, turning to her. "Next time, I'll just say, 'Eleanor, follow me down this dark alley, I want to kiss you.'"

(p. 166)

"I know you're getting scared of getting kicked out, but are you scared of him?"
"No." She lifted up her chin. "No...I just have to lie low, you know? Like as long as I stay out of his way, I'm fine. I just have to be invisible."
Park smiled.
"What?" she asked.
"You. Invisible."
She smiled. He let go of her hands and held her face. Her cheeks were cold, and her eyes were fathomless in the dark.
She was all he could see.

(p. 197)

Park was alive, and she was awake, and this was allowed.
He was hers.
To have and hold. Not forever, maybe—not forever, for sure—and not figuratively. But literally. And now. Now, he was hers. 

(p. 250)

"You can have one of my school pictures. My mom has tons." 
"You have to write something on the back," she said.
"Like what?"
"Like, 'Hey, Eleanor, KIT, LYLAS, stay sweet, Park.'"
"But I don't L-Y like an S," he said, "And you're not sweet."
"I'm sweet," she said, affronted, and holding back his license.
"'re other good things," he said, snatching it from her, "but not sweet."

(p. 259)

Photo Credit: F-luorous
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