Monday, February 16, 2015

Hair to Share: For Kids with Cancer

One of my petty frustrations in life is my hair. It's very, very thick, like I have hair that's good for three people. I grew it out and my head gets really heavy and hot because of the amount of hair it's holding. I cut it very short for the first time ever when I was seven, and my short strands of hair couldn't manage to stay in place! Thick-haired girls like me have this huge problem in maintaining a tamed hair. One of the only possible solutions is for it to have my hair rebonded or relaxed, adding more harm to the already-damaged hair. I have this bizarre idea of shaving it all of and sport a bald head just so I wouldn't have to deal with so much hair. I'd just like to shave my thick hair off and throw it away in a trash bin, what purpose does it have, anyway? Not until one of my theater friends happened to cut 14 inches of her hair...but for a cause.

I learned that she donated her hair for cancer patients. When I heard that she cut 14 inches off of it, I was shocked. I remembered that when attended theater workshop together, she was one of my classmates with the longest hair. I admired her guts to let someone snip her long hair off just like that. So I also did the unthinkable—not going to lie, it was a spontaneous decisionI also signed up for the cause.

To me, hair is just like persistent love: even if you cut it out (literally) from you life, it will keep on coming back. Sorry for the crappy analogy but then's just hair. It will grow back. And knowing that I will make a cancer patient's head happy, or even spark his/her life by donating one of the most unconventional gifts for Valentine's Day, then that will put a smile to my face. Either way, he or she will look good with or without the wig. Since I have no date for Valentine's Day, why not give something for someone this month of love. Valentine's Day doesn't just mean flowers and chocolates, right? 

So here it is. Snip, snip, snip. All ten inches of it (minimum was ten inches):




Before and After:

To the cancer patient, I have donated 10 inches of my (very thick) hair that you may use as part of you clinical wig. Happy Valentine's day to you! Stay strong, you brave soul. Virtual hugs from me. >:)< #Hair2Share #BeBraveGetShave #LetItSpark

Brighten a cancer patient's day! Big thanks to Kythe-Ateneo for making this happen! 

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