Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Top 5 (Free) Photo Editing Apps

Who here does not like spending a single cent for an app? Say I. 

*Raises hand* I.

Okay, I'm probably one of those people who dislikes spending for an app. Be it a gaming app, productivity app, video app, you name it. Even if the cost is just 0.99 cents, it does not make any difference to me. Whenever I see an app that I like that comes with a price, I'd end up mentally shedding a tear and searching for an alternative app instead—and this goes especially for photo editing apps.

But have no fear, Cheapy the Cheapskate is here to the rescue. Let me share you my top 5 FREE photo editing applications that I can say is worth buying—I mean, getting for:

(Compatible for iPhone, iPad & Android Users)
(Developed by: KS Mobile Inc.)

Photo Grid is a really cool collage maker. It also has photo filters, borders, as well as stickers and texts which you can add for snazzier effects. Plus, they have also updated an automated poster feature. But what I love about this editing app is its grid designs and layouts! 

(Compatible for iPhone & iPad Users)
(Developer: Kyle Dillon)

Flick Stitch is also a collage maker just like Photo Grid, but has a simpler interface. You can choose over 15 Standard Frames & Non-Border Frames. Do you have a panoramic picture on your camera roll? Flick Stitch also has 2 White Space Frames for you to use. A very cool feature on Flick Stitch is that you can also add not only photos on the frames, but video clips + music as well! 

Note: The Symbol Frames feature, however, are not available unless you buy them for 0.99 cents. But who uses these kinds of frames, really? (It's kind of corny for me!)

(Compatible for iPhone, iPad & Android Users)
(Developer: Liu Bin)

The photo editing name gives it away: it's a cool mirror effect photo! There are tons of mirror effect features on this app—be it in 2D, 3D, it even has a 4-way reflection! You can even scale it in different sizes. The new version now comes with a set of frames!

This app is great for budding style bloggers (which I'm not one) who enjoys posting their 'Outfit Of The Day'. Using this photo mirror effect could emphasize the apparel that they're showing off, in two different angles at once!

(Compatible for iPhone & iPad Users)
(Developer: Chen Qizhang)
(Similar App for Android: Split Pic 2.0)

Have you ever wanted to have a twin? Or fool people into thinking you have? This photo editing app is perfect for that matter! Split Lens 2 lets you clone yourself through either photo or video! I've tricked a number of people when using this app!

Note: You can upgrade this app for $1.99 which includes no ads, 15 minutes of video time, and more filters. 

Well to me, the limited video time for the free version which is about 10-60 seconds could suffice to people who just wants to have fun with it. Plus, the ads aren't that much of a bother to me and the filters in the free version are alright. If you don't want to pay but want more filters, I suggest you re-upload it and use the photo & video filters on Instagram (filter hack)!

(Compatible for iPhone, iPad, & Android Users)
(Developer: Xiamen Meitu)

This is my #1 go-to photo filter app. I used to edit my photos on another ultra-hyped photo editing app, but I've stumbled on this baby and never looked back. POMELO has a simple and sleek interface, plus the 70+ stunning filters are all, wait for it...FREE. Just like every other photo filter app, it also includes the usual editing tools like the enhancement features, cropping, vignette, rotation, and the likes. Pick a photo from your camera roll, edit, and share it away to all your social media platforms! It's that super easy!

Well, there you have it! These are my top 5 free photo editing apps. I know there are tons of free photo editing apps out there and you might even wonder, "Huh? Why is VSCO Cam not here?" and all that. Well, one main filter editing app is already enough for me!

These apps are for those who don't mind using just the limited features of the app. If you're the kind of individual who seeks to enjoy experimenting with all of the features and editing tools without spending a single penny, well, some of these apps may not be for you.

What do you think? Do we use the same photo editing apps, or do you have a different one? What's your favorite FREE photo editing apps? Comment below!

P.S. I am not affiliated with any of the applications mentioned.
All of the these are based on my personal opinions.
Main Photo Credit: Sam Alive

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nomination: The Infinity Dreams Award

Yipee (wait, do people still say this? Haha)! I just got nominated for an award again. First of all, I'd like to thank Neri of My Life In A Tab for the nomination, it is much appreciated! Awards like these make me extra happy in the blogging community. It may not be an "official" blogging award, but I am very thankful, nonetheless.

The rules of the Liebster Blog Award, the very first award I was nominated to, commonly applies to this as well. So let's start!


1. Thank and follow (optional) the blog that nominated you
2. Tell us 11 facts about you
3. Answer the 11 questions set up for you
4. Nominate at least 11 people (I recommend up and coming bloggers) and give them 11 set of questions in return

11 Facts About Me:

I try not to give away facts about me as many as possible! With that being said, here's a link to my previous award, and you can check out 11 FACTS ABOUT ME that has already been posted beforehand!

11 Questions From Neri (My Life In A Tab):

1. What is that one object that makes you feel better? My pillow.

2. Which fandoms are you a part of? I can't believe I have to say this but...KathxNiel and ShinxRan. If this fandom down below exists though, then I am so a part of it 100%:

Landon and Jamie from 'A Walk to Remember'
3. What fairy tale character do you think is most likely you? I'd have to say Princess Aurora  of Sleeping Beauty. This GIF might explain why:

4. If you were the ruler of your own country, what would your national anthem be? Oooh. I would probably go with Next In Line by After Image.

5. On your first airplane trip, where were you going? The lovely island of Boracay! I was seven years old back then.

6. Have you ever made your own ice cream? From scratch? Sadly, no! I'd definitely put this in my bucket list!

7. What is the one rule you abide by? Oh man. It truly depends. Sometimes I don't even play by the rules. 

8. What's your favorite TV show? Awkward.! Either that or the Detective Conan Series. Can you believe that latter show has 700+ episodes AND counting?

9. What's your favorite accent? I can't decide between British and Irish!

10. If you met a genie, what would your three wishes be? (More wishes doesn't count) Haha. You caught me there. I'd have to say, to end world hunger, for warring nations to be at peace, and a winning lottery ticket for a million dolla—WAIT, pounds. A million (British) pounds. Hihi.

11. How many languages do you speak? Two! English and Filipino.

My Nominees:

1. Lyn Estrella of Your Smile Fades In The Summer
2. Gene Goquingco of Gene Goquingco
3. Thea Miralles of Dainty World of Science
4. Pat Herbolario of 26 Letters

My 11 Questions:

1. What's the farthest place you've ever been?
2. Would you ever consider living abroad?
3. Would you rather crash in a friend's place or stay at a hotel?
4. Biggest pet peeve?
5. What would your super hero name be?
6. Tell me about your dream job!
7. Were you ever drunk in college?
8. What was high school life for you?
9. Your idea of a romantic evening?
10. The hardest thing you've ever done so far?
11. If you could commit crime and get away with it, what would it be?

There you go! Hope you can blog it forward. :) See you in my next blog entry, everyone!

GIF from: Rebloggy & LOLDaddy