Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sweets for Summer With Chef Janice Cruz

Summertime just kicked in and it's that time of the year where people could finally unwind from the daily stressors of school and work. While most people pack their bags and hop on a plane to travel to foreign places to kick back and relax, some use the free time to take up short programs and classes of their preference.

Well, what a better way to spend it by learning some sweet, yummy, recipes? 

Just around the neighborhood of New Manila lies a quaint culinary studio owned by Culinary Chef Janice Gaylene Cruz. Her passion for food began at an early age, and has led her into pursuing a Hotel & Restaurant Management undergraduate degree, and continued into taking a culinary degree in Chicago, Illinois. She has supplied a number of big companies for her delicious works and is offering culinary classes on the side.

As someone who is a sucker for sweets and pastries (well, food, in general,) I couldn't let the opportunity to see Chef Janice in action pass by! I got to observe her and her students bake some yummy treats, and you can see just how happy and excited they are: 

Junior Chefs smile as they slice some butter for their summer treats
Junior Chef scoops up some chocolate chips!
Cookie doughs!
The Junior Chefs of Chef Janice are currently baking three treats: Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mango Trifle Cake, and Hello Dolly Bars! The ingredients and the utensils are already provided, so the only thing you need to bring is an apron and your desire to learn. As what she has also mentioned, "No one will get out of my class with an empty stomach!" So do expect to fill your mouth with loads of food. She provides some appetizers for you to munch on while you're baking!

As you can see, what makes her classes so fun is that everything is hands-on. Plus, you don't have to be a professional chef if you want to take her class. Her program is open for all ages, and the atmosphere is lighthearted, just like Chef Janice herself! Also, the class is small (minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10), so Chef Janice is definitely focused with everyone in the class:

Junior Chefs smile for the camera with the cookies they just baked!
Chef Janice teaches them the proper measurements in baking the Hello Dolly Bars
The Junior Chefs slicing mangoes and cakes
Chef Janice demonstrates how to whip up some Mango Trifle Cake
After almost three hours of baking, Chef Janice finally released the batch of cookies from the oven. The aroma of it filled our noses and you would've devoured the cookies right then and there. The Hello Dolly Bars were sliced into tiny bars and placed into tiny paper cups, and the Mango Trifle Cakes were already packed and sealed, ready to be given away for their loved ones.

Here are the delicious products of their labors:

Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mango Trifle Cakes, and Hello Dolly Bars!
Baking a difference!
There you go! Five happy junior chefs with their mouthwatering masterpieces, ready to be eaten and taken away as ideal surprise treats for their friends and family. I got to taste each of their delicacies and it sure was heaven to my taste buds!

Make your summer count! Go ahead and book a class with Chef Janice Gaylene Cruz now! She'll make sure you'll exit her studio with a smile on your face and a sated appetite.

Shots fired with: Canon EOS 550D

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