Wednesday, July 22, 2015

No Chill, Hong Kong: Day 1 - Disneyland & Hollywood

Disney's Hollywood Hotel
It feels glad to be back in Hong Kong! Almost two months have passed since we last visited here, and it has been almost five years since we first visited here. Nothing changed, the heat was still quite unbearable as before!

We landed in Hong Kong in the morning, and thank goodness the time zones didn't differ back in the Philippines. Aren't jet lags the worst?

Day one of our trip and we stayed in Disney's Hollywood Hotel, right about five minutes away from the "Happiest Place on Earth." This is where we also got to stay five years ago, but back then I still wasn't blogging about it. So hey! Let me show you how Hollywood Hotel is overwhelmed with Mickey Mouse and friends!

Even the food is shaped like a Mickey Mouse, or every Disney character ever. The buffet was scrumptious! Pricey, but scrumptious nonetheless! 

Of course, the ultimate Disney dining experience wouldn't be complete if you didn't get a picture with CHEF MICKEY HIMSELF. Behold, a mouse that can cook! 

Chef Mickey!
Disneyland Hong Kong

I quite enjoyed the new attraction that was just opened in Disneyland, which is Toy Story Land, so I  basked in the child-like atmosphere of it. This section of the theme park was bursting with colors (and people as well). It actually made me feel quite nostalgic since Toy Story is a part of probably every 90s kid ever

This entry was quite short but I still have around three (or four?) more Hong Kong-related entries to write about! This post was actually long overdue, as I'm doing a lot of things lately (minus actual work as I'm still enjoying the ~unemployed~ life,) but I just want to let you know this blog is still very much alive and kicking!

Tips and Reminders
1.) If you're planning to visit Hong Kong on the month of May, do not forget to bring an umbrella or sunscreen! The weather variesone day it'll be gloomy and it will rain, and one day it'll burn your skin off because of the intense heat.

2.) Language, language! Hong Kong also has a slight language barriersometimes (well, to the ones I have encountered at least,) they communicate non-verbally. So I suggest you brush up some Chinese words!

3.) Punctuality. When you book a trip to Hong Kong with a scheduled tour for example, expect them to arrive and come back on time! Based from our experience, they only wait around twenty minutes max.


Shots fired with: Canon EOS 550D

See you on Day 2!

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