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No Chill, Hong Kong: Day 3 - Ocean Park, Night Shopping & Avenue of Stars

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Day 3 is here! We rode a taxi going to Ocean Park because it's quite near to where we're staying (around 20 minutes or so,) and there was no traffic getting there. The traffic that we experienced though, was the people inside Ocean Park. It was packed, like we, the tourists and locals collectively decided to go here on the same day. Good thing we already had our tickets beforehand, so entering the premises was a breeze.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is divided into two parts: The Waterfront (Lowlands) and The Summit (Headlands). You have the option ride the cable car or the Ocean Express funicular railway to The Summit, but for me, the cable car could actually serve as a better transportation to and from both areas, though I may be bias, since I didn't get to ride the Ocean Express. The cable car ride is around fifteen minutes long as opposed to the express which is just four minutes. Nonetheless, riding the cable car will definitely give you a spectacular view of the ocean.

My sister posing at Ocean Park Hong Kong
Carnival games!
One of the scariest rides I've ever ridden
When we arrived to The Summit, what we first saw was a giant scary clown, only to realize that giant scary clown in front of us was a new ride in Hong Kong called the 'Hair Raiser'. It was a fitting name for it—the creepy clown face would automatically make the hair at the back of your neck stand on its ends. Unfortunately, it was closed due to the strong winds. It was quite a bummer since the ride seemed exciting! 

Hair Raiser
Schoolkids having their field trip!
Waiting for dad and bros
An awesome view of Hong Kong Island
Night Shopping
Our last activity in Hong Kong consisted of a night of dining out and shopping. We walked along Hankow, Peking, Ashley and Nathan Road. Going there, you'll see lots of people everywhere, and as for me, it'll be a great area to rent a condo here as when you go down, rows of eateries and shopping centers would welcome you. Though our tour guide once mentioned to us that the cost of living in the city is pricey—a condo would cost you HK$20,000 a month, around Php120,000. Despite that though, shopping is fairly cheap, as it has a number of outlet and discount stores. So to those who are in a budget, yep, Hong Kong is the place for you to buy some pasalubong for your family!

As the night was already getting later, we decided to hail a cab back to our hotel. We had a hard time getting a taxi and not because there weren't any passing our way—there were plentiful, actually. It's just that all of them could only accommodate up to 4 passengers only, and we were 6. Finally, we saw a taxi that could ride up to 5 passengers. My little sister was an exception since she can just fit in knowing that she's small.

NOTE: Not all taxi drivers can understand English! So it'll be convenient if you can write down on a piece of paper where you're headed to in their language, just in case!

For more information and reviews regarding taxis in Hong Kong, click here.

Avenue of Stars
Avenue of Stars was one of the last places that we visited in Hong Kong. It's like Hong Kong's very own Hollywood Walk of Fame! Located in Tsim Sha Tsui at Victoria Harbour Waterfront, it's a walkway stretching around 440 meters long to pay tribute for Hong Kong's local celebrities in their film industry. We spotted a statue of Bruce Lee as well as the stars of Jackie Chan's and Jet Li's—probably just three of Hong Kong's celebrities that I am familiar with. Although it was super hot and sunny, the promenade in the daytime provided us a gorgeous panoramic sight of the harbour!

No Chill, Hong Kong
Going back and seeing this place in a newer perspective made me appreciate their city more. Hong Kong has no chill, alright—same as Macau, but I didn't intend to put that in a bad light. Despite that it literally has no chill because of the hot weather, I meant to say that people here are always on the go. I highly admire the local's firmness of character as well as their sense of punctuality. If you're a tourist here, you might lost track of time, all because both Hong Kong and Macau has lots to offer. You're energy will be drained, but not you're excitement. Oh, and knowing that I just turned 21 years old, I can legally gamble in one of Macau's casinos already! Woo-hoo!

Haha, kidding. Looks like I have no chill as well.

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