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TGIF! Octoberfest @ Poppins

Experience Octoberfest at Poppins like You’ve Never Had Before!

You know what rhymes with Friday? Par-tay! OK, so I tried too hard, but really, after working for countless of hours for the whole week, I think we should all give ourselves a good break and unwind with our friends and family, don't you think? If you're looking for a place where you want to make your Friday a little more exciting, well, I have a place for you.

Yes, you read that right. Poppins Restaurant and Bar is hosting its first Octoberfest here in Metro Manila! Octoberfest or Oktoberfest, is a folk festival which pioneered in Germany. It is known to be the largest beer festival and travelling funfair in the world. 

Though unlike the original Oktoberfest which attracts almost six million visitors annually, Poppins has a different approach and aims for a more intimate yet equally fun-filled event. The food is tasty (This deserves a whole new different blog entry), beer is affordable, the music playlist lifts you in a good mood and the drinking and card games are really entertaining! Believe me, I was a witness on Octoberfest's first night, and the atmosphere was a whole new level of insane. 

Just to remind you again, Octoberfest happens only every Friday for the whole month of October this year. This event will run only four times, and the first night of Octoberfest has already passed. I highly suggest you invite your barkada, co-workers, family or your ~special someone~ so you won't miss a night of enjoyment that Poppins is offering.

My friends and I having a meeting outside Poppins (The whole place transforms at night!)

San Miguel Light and San Miguel Pale Pillsen are made affordable from the price of Php62 to Php32 (that’s Php30 difference guys!) for people who will be playing the games. For those who will play games with shots, you will only pay Php8 per shot. Prizes and giveaways await the winners, so go crazy!

But wait, there's more!

Red Horse Beer is unlimited for only Php175! So drink at your heart's content! 

Are you curious about the different drinking games that Poppins prepared for you? Here's a sneak peek to tickle your fancy. Come check it out:

(Note: Play safe, alright? Alright!)


Liquor Roulette – 1 shot of Vodka, _ (No. of people in the group.) shots of water. See who’s unlucky within your group.
Wheel of Shots – Test your luck. Get a free 300 points worth card with Zing Rewards or win a free prize from Emperador or a free bottle of Smirnoff Mule. There is section in the wheel where you may have to do an ‘acrylic kiss’, it may be a reward or a penalty. If the player cannot do the challenge the player will be fined.
Monopoly Board Game (with a twist) – Chug a beer when you lose a property, drink 2 shots when you go to jail, or take one shot when you land on chance.
Uno Playing Cards (Adult Style) – Each time a player will a lose the game the player must drink 2 shots, each time a player receives a +2 card or a +4 card the receiver will have to drink 1 shot.


Twisted Beer Pong – This is like the original game with its original rules, except rather than just having cups of beer, a number of cups are filled with mysterious liquid in them which the player must still drink.
Flip Cup – Ordinary rules apply. Each team who will win may receive rewards or prizes shouldered by Emperador.
King’s Cup – Ordinary rules apply. Each team who will win may receive rewards or prizes shouldered by Emperador.
Cup Swap – 2 individuals will be provided with 2 cups each, 1 cup is filled with beer while the other cup is empty. They will be given 30 seconds to transfer the beer (using a teaspoon) inside the cup into a vacant cup they are provided with. The player who transferred the most wins, the loser would have to chug all the beer.

Octoberfest @ Poppins is located at Tomas Morato corner Sct. Madriñan, in front of IL Terrazzo, and begins on October 2, 9, 16, and 23. (6PM - Onwards)

For table reservations and general inquiries, contact:

Kyna +639267854810
Cita 09175160565

SEE YOU THERE OR BE SQUARE! (Get it? 'Cuz you're not a-round. So be around!)

Poppins photo shot by: Scarlett Letters
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