Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Three Years!


On September the 13th, 2013, exactly three years ago, I decided to create this blog, Five Feet of Awesome—a random title of a blog which I just happen to find from a hashtag on Instagram. ‘Awesome’ does not really resonate on my personality or on this blog, but in an alternative universe, it is. After 9 months of not writing anything, I’m back again.

But first, let me step away from my laptop as I will slap myself in the face.



A lot has happened for the past years. I graduated from college, enrolled in a theater workshop twice, got a boyfriend (haha, kidding, by golly gosh darn), had a short stint at a broadcasting company, and after a few months…I finally got a job! 

Yes, great. I’m officially a taxpayer. My job's a mix of working with children and the performing arts, something that I both love. There are the natural ups and downs of the company, but I’m loving work…so far. It’s just the commuting part that’s giving me a pain in the bum, and I always go home smelling like ten different human beings. Manila’s mass transportation really needs immediate attention.

Also, it’s going to be my work anniversary next month, and holy crap has it already been one year?!


When my birth month rolled up, it immediately reminded me that I have grown a full year. Recently turning 22, I feel like I needed a step up in life. I’m not getting any younger anymore, but my dreams and goals are just as fresh as daisies—they make me excited and exhilarated. Knowing that I have job doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve already settled. Heck no. To be honest, I’ve caught myself adrift. I have zero idea on where, when, and how to start, and that is why the question still lingers. I don’t know where I’m heading to…yet.

So to all the struggling, twenty-something millennial people out there, you are not alone. We’re on the age of exploration and feeling lost is a part of it. Trekking into the wilderness is a daunting experience, as it doesn’t really promise us anything on what’s out there. It will either make you or break you. The possibilities are endless, and that’s actually both a good and a bad thing. We just have to brave the world. We really do.


Anyway, to anyone who have read my blog, thank you! I don’t really mind if I have readers or not, but you’re awesome for stopping by. Anyone’s welcome here. This blog is meant to be my freedom space, my time capsule, my public diary. This is where my fickle, unfiltered, pensive thoughts rest, and I’m pretty much letting you in. I’m leaving my usually locked door unlatched for you. I know that I haven’t post much content anymore mainly due to work and lack of time management, but rest assured that this silly ol’ blog is here to stay for a long time.

Until my next post! See you,

- A